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    Passion’s Thief

    Have you lost your passion? Have you let depression and complacency rule your spirit? Have you let the enemy take all that is dear to you without a proper fight? Then it's time that you too rise from the ashes. It's time that you too remember why you started down this road. No journey ever began in a vacuum. It began with passion toward something. Toward a vision. Toward a future.

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    Divorce And Its Lessons

    Most of you have probably been wondering where I’ve been for the past seven months. As my blog went silent, my writing dried up, and my presence on social media became nil, I slowly sunk into the shadows, busy fighting through a personal hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I was going through divorce.

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    A Season of Struggle

    Not going to lie. It’s been rough as of late. Even before I left California on the 800+ mile journey back here to Arizona at the end of April, I was battling emotional demons. I didn’t want to leave California. I didn’t want to move. Not really. It seemed smart logically, but the fact is, California has always had a special place in my heart. It’s where I was born. It’s where I ventured to numerous times in my adolescence. It’s where most of my extended family lives. Most of all, the weather and geography are more than favorable compared to Arizona. I prefer forests and oceans to desert and…