Blogging Schedule for 2010

I finally sat down the other day and actually wrote out a blogging schedule that I want to follow for 2010. Mind you that it may be subject to change, but overall, these are the topics I want to blog about each week:

Monday – Writing Process
Tuesday – My Faith
Wednesday – Self Publishing
Thursday – Book/ Graphic Novel Review
Friday – Remembering the Retro

I’ve lined up a ton of books that I want to try and read and review in 2010. These include (in order of reading):

Green by Ted Dekker / Fathom Vol 1 / Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee / On Writing by Stephen King /  Star Wars: Allegiance by Timothy Zahn / Wizard and Glass by Stephen King / Bullies, Bastards and Bitches by Jessica Page Morrell / Timeline by Michael Crichton / Star Wars: Dark Lord by James Lucero / The Stand by Stephen King / Stars Wars: Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia and Showdown at Centerpoint by Roger Macbride Allen  / Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King

This Thursday I will be reviewing Havah by Tosca Lee. There will also be more graphic novels thrown in to the schedule as well. I’d really like to do a review on Runaways – the whole series – if I can get to reading them all before the end of the year, and I have Sky Doll, Madame Mirage and Aphrodite IX that I think are good classics to do a review on.

So that’s the plan. I will be attempting to follow this schedule all year in hopes of bettering my writing and keeping in touch with my readers. Hope everyone’s Monday turned out great!

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