Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

For the last year or so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a deal on this game. Even though it got average to low reviews for its gameplay and innovation, I love RPGs and I’m in love with the character art in Magna Carta (done by Hyung-tae Kim). So when I found it at Bookmans used book store last week, I grabbed it with the trade credit I had on hand. The disc is in good condition and the strategy guide, instruction manual, poster and case – all which come with this deluxe box set – are in mint condition.

I’ve managed to play a few hours of it already and although I like the graphics (which are pretty good considering I’m playing it on my PS2) and the storyline, I’m not certain how I feel about the gameplay yet. The game claims to have over 50+ hours of play, so we’ll see how I feel after some more hours are put into it.

2 thoughts on “Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

  1. Nice to meet you today. I think I might have accidently signed up to follow you twice!! The computer was being lame. I read here that you are in the middle of a HUGE project. How's that going?


  2. My project is going great. I am close to finishing the 2nd novel in my Black Earth series (scifi/fantasy) and will be handing it off to Lana Gates (who you met today) for editing later next week. Then I have rewrites for 2 other novels I self-published a while ago and work on a third to finish. O_o better to have too much work than not enough, I always say. 😀 Thanks for becoming a follower, by the way.


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