A New Writing Desk!

Recently, my dad decided to get himself an apartment. In the process, he realized he didn’t have room for a desk he’s had for over twelve years and so I, seeing an opportunity, requested to have said desk. My dad, as stubborn as he is, said I could ‘borrow’ it maybe for a year or two until he’s able to get back into a house. Borrow has so many interpretations though. πŸ˜‰

The desk….

is what I would consider to be an upgrade to what I already had…

It took three of us to haul that beast up the stairs to my second floor apartment. Maneuvering it through the hallway and into my office should have required us to have passed a Mensa exam. When we finally got the desk settled in, my wife and I realized how many scrapes and dents had occurred in the walls – nothing some good ol’ putty can’t fix.

Now the desk is mine – not to borrow, because I’m not sure anyone could get the desk out of the office. Besides, a bit of stain and it will be good as new, and will hopefully be able to be passed down to my future children.

6 thoughts on “A New Writing Desk!

  1. Ohhhh, it looks so nice and inviting. I am envious of the neatness. I have an absolutely beautiful desk that has so much stuff on it you can't see the top. It too is an old beast that would be impossible to move. You have inspired me to go home and find the top of my desk. I hope you enjoy your new desk for years to come.


  2. Thanks, Wanda! πŸ˜‰ When I first got the desk, I marveled at how much more surface space I was going to have and I think I managed to preserve at least some of it. Most of what was on the old desk is now hidden in the drawers of the new one.


  3. Ooooooo…..Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What an outstanding desk. I have an antique desk I wish I could use for writing. Now it's just used for my books and junk, papers and junk, junk and….more junk. LOL


  4. That desk sure was a piece of work to get into your office. It ended up injuring me. Thought the prize at the end was far worth the injury!


  5. Lizzie – don't worry, my desk will be full of junk in a matter of days (make that hours). LOL!

    Lynn – yes, it's much nicer typing at this desk than that other one. πŸ™‚

    Josh – glad you enjoyed your 'reward'. πŸ˜€


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