Time To Read

I’m happy to report that I’m finally far enough along with the edits to my latest novel, Black Earth: The Broken Daisy, that I’m able to start reading it aloud to my wife tonight.

This next stage in my novel process is one I started incorporating with my last novel. Reading my book out loud helps me catch typos, wrong wording, and ill-conceived sentences that get overlooked when I read a manuscript through silently. I tend to read fairly fast, meaning my eyes glance over mistakes that I can easily catch when I read the story out loud.

I think while I read it aloud to my wife, I’m also going to test out the recording capabilities of my laptop microphone and the free recording program, Audacity, to get me prepared for podcasting, which I intend to start diving into once this novel is finished and out the door.

Once I’ve read it aloud and made the proper corrections to the book, I’ll do one last glance over, and then move on to formatting. Almost there…

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