The Broken Daisy’s First Signing

Saturday I had my first book signing for my latest sci-fi/fantasy novel, Black Earth: The Broken Daisy. My signing was held at the Phoenix Bookmans.

I sold five books in the two hours I was there and my book will also be appearing on their bookshelves in the very near future! O_O! I cannot contain my excitement!

I of course want to extend my thanks to the event coordinator of that store, Yvette, and say that I have a great time each signing that I do at her store.

For those of you who are published (either by traditional means or like me, self-published) I’m going to be doing a series of blogs soon that break down my process for doing book signings. I know when I first started doing signings about a year ago, I had so much to learn. And I’m still learning. But there’s no harm in passing on what little knowledge I have garnered to those who are just stepping up to the plate.

Stay tuned! I have more book signings coming up. Five more between now and January to be exact. And I plan to blog on all of them. 🙂 Check out my event list –

Photos by Michal C. Alderman

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