Book Signing Essentials – Gift Wrapping

With a score of book signings occurring for me between Nov 27th and Dec 18th, I decided to add a bit of seasonal flare to my author toolkit – free gift wrapping.

I got to thinking that since most malls, retail outlets, and even some book stores off free gift wrapping during the holidays as a courtesy to their customers, why couldn’t I offer the same? I’ve had many people at my book signings approach me and say that sci-fi/fantasy isn’t really their thing but that they know someone who really loves the genre. They usually end up buying my books as gifts. So, why not make it a bit more convenient for them, especially during the holidays?

I need the gift wrapping to be as cost effective as possible, seeing how I’m on a limited budget, so I went and scoped out Dollar Tree and found exactly what I needed: two gift bags for $1. I purchased five sets of two different colors, giving me twenty bags. I figure I can always return to the Dollar Tree to grab more if I need to, which would be a good thing to have to do.

With the bags, I throw in some tissue paper which can be found at Dollar Tree as well – $1 for 40 sheets if I remember right.

So for $11 I have a nice treat I can offer those who purchase my books. Sometimes, it’s these little touches that will make all the difference when someone is debating on purchasing one of my novels at a book signing.

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