What Is Going On?!

As hard as I’ve tried over the last week to get back on track with my projects, I have failed miserably. Most of last week – and even the week before – was taken up with personal matters, and my half-hearted attempt this last weekend to catch up with my writing and self-publishing agenda didn’t pan out so well. Distractions just keep coming and I keep giving in to them, disappearing off the map to take care of things that aren’t going to move me forward in my writing career.

No more. I have cordoned off this week to get myself back in the game and back in line with my projects and all of their deadlines.Here are a few updates –

As I write this, my good friend, Jelani Parham, is sketching out the cover design for Endangered Memories – the first book in my upcoming young adult series – which I still plan on releasing in June. I have seen his initial sketches and I dropped my jaw on the table I was so impressed. He has truly captured the heart of my story in his illustrations and I cannot wait to reveal more to all of you in the next week or so.

Lost Birth – the second volume in my young adult series – is in the middle of being professionally edited. I plan to release the final product in July sometime.

I am getting back into writing Dark Horizons – the third book in my upcoming series – and hope to have the initial draft finished in the next few weeks. I am setting a personal goal of 7,000 words per day, which I plan to meet at any cost.

For those of you signed up with my email newsletter, I apologize that it’s been months since I sent one out, but my goal is to have another issue out the door by the end of this month. If you want to sign up for my free email newsletter, head to http://www.davidnalderman.com/contact.htm.

On another note, I know that some of you started following this blog because I used to post about the incredible journey of faith that my wife and I have been on since I was fired from my job as a data entry specialist almost two years ago. I haven’t posted much about that in this blog because I know a good portion of my crowd now comes to read about writing or self-publishing. So I’ve decided to create an entirely separate blog where I will be detailing much of what has been going on over the last couple years. The blog will be very personal and candid and something I hope to turn into a non-fiction book sometime in the future. For those who want to follow, you can check it out atΒ  – http://www.ofdreamsandfaith.blogspot.com. I haven’t posted anything there yet, but I do plan to by next week.

Now, sorry to shut the door in your face, but I have to get back to work.;)

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