My Experience with Pinterest…So Far

I read an online article a couple weeks ago (I would link it here but I can’t for the life of me find the bookmark) which gave ways that authors could use Pinterest to promote themselves and their books. Not really needing ANOTHER social networking outlet, I was hesitant to jump into the Pinterest craze, but I figured I’d at least give it a shot. As a side note, I’m already tired of Twitter and am probably going to move away from using it in any kind of decent capacity. Most of my time is spent on Facebook, this blog, or at other random spots around the web, but I just can’t seem to keep interest in or understand Twitter’s purpose.

So, I signed up for Pinterest. That in itself was a strange process. You first have to request an invitation FROM Pinterest, wait for them to invite you, then go through the process of accepting the invite and setting up your profile. Seems unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming, not to mention just a bit pretentious. It’s sort of like requesting to be invited to a party I wasn’t initially invited to. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

That irritation aside, I signed up and started creating boards. The main boards I have at this moment are: Books I’ve WrittenGuild Wars 2, Black Earth: Dark Masquerade Cover Design, and Geektastic. I’ve managed to get a few images pinned in each and even had one of my followers repin the cover to one of my books into her own board, Books Worth Reading, proving to me that Pinterest does have some potential for self-published authors.

For the most part, the process of pinning and re-pinning and whatnot is all fairly fast and easy, making this a user-friendly networking platform for people like me who don’t really have time to spend hours online trying to convince people I have something important to say. An image IS worth a thousand words, right?

If you want to follow me on Pinterest, here’s a link to my profile –

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