Another Year Older…

Even though I turn thirty-three tomorrow, I don’t feel a day older than twenty-one. For those of you who know me well, you know that I am a kid at heart, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever ‘grow old’. That being said, when I look behind me, I see a life full of…well, life. I can’t say I have too many – if any – regrets. I’ve learned much on this walk with God, this journey with my wife, and this last year with my son. It’s been a wild ride, one that will someday fill volumes of memoir. I’ve lived a happy, blessed life. Yeah, it’s been full of trials, heartache, and moments I didn’t think I’d get through alive…

But here I am. Thirty-three years later. I don’t really have anything extravagant planned for my birthday. My birthday tradition usually consists of me wandering around town with my wife to gather up all the free goodies places give out for birthdays. I plan to spend a day off with my wife and son, maybe do a bit of gaming, relax a bit. When Wednesday comes around though, I’ll be kicking things into high gear.

For those who haven’t heard yet, I received the edits back to Black Earth: Dark Masquerade last week. I’ve been plugging away at them – there are a TON of them – and my goal is to have the book released to everyone at some point in late July. *ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) will be sent out earlier though. And the new website and timeline should be up and running at some point late next week. I’ll make an official announcement the moment they go live.

Well, I’m off to squeeze in another day of editing and web design before my day off. Have a great Monday everyone!

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