July Update

I find it hard to believe it’s already July. The heat has settled in for a long summer here in Arizona, and most of my days are spent worshiping the air conditioner and iced coffee. But excitement has settled in as well because we are approaching the release of Black Earth: Dark Masquerade. July 25th is the official release date for the ebook AND paperback versions of the third volume in my Black Earth series.

Speaking of which, I have already heard back from a couple of the advanced reviewers for the book, and I’m very happy with the comments being made. I think the third book in a series is both the easiest and hardest to write. Easiest because characters and plot threads have already been set up and one can concentrate on moving with the story flow. Hardest because there is expectation greater than what came with the second book in the series.  It felt like a tricky thing to pull off, but it seems – at least from initial response – that I did good with this installment.

Tomorrow night I’ll be ordering the proof copy of the paperback version of Black Earth: Dark Masquerade. While I wait for the book to arrive, I’ll be focusing on building the book a new page on my website, finishing up July’s email newsletter, and sketching out some new Compendium entries to add to the website in August. I’m also going to be starting work on the edits to Black Earth: Bridge to Anaisha – the fourth and final book in the series – as my editor sends them to me.

Exciting stuff!

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