NaNoWriMo Update

Okay, so it’s Day 13 of National Novel Writing Month and I’m actually a day behind in my word count. Instead of doing NaNo yesterday, I spent the evening watching The Avengers with my wife. Decent movie, but overhyped, I think. I didn’t really care for any of the Marvel movies leading up to it – except the first Iron Man – but The Avengers turned out to be worth seeing at least once for me. I have more interest in the Batman movies and in the possibility of a Justice League movie.

Anyway, I’m at 20,008 words so far in NaNo. Almost halfway there. As I’ve mentioned in another post, I ended up changing my NaNo project a few days into the month. Even though I spent each and every day in October doing activities via the NaNo Prep Challenge to get ready for NaNo, I just couldn’t bring myself to try and squeeze blood from a rock. The original NaNo idea I had – Black Earth: Spectrum – just wasn’t cutting it for me. The characters were hollow, the plot contrived, and trying to write through it was agony.

Instead, I’ve been working on a novella that takes place between my Black Earth and Expired Reality series, and will serve as a bridge between the two to sum up how one leads into the other. I don’t want to give away many details right now because the final book in the Black Earth series – Black Earth: Exodus – will be released next month, and to give away what’s going on in my NaNo novel right now will spoil much of what happens in Exodus.

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