As most of you have noticed, I’ve been MIA from social media for a while now. For the last couple months, I’ve been focusing on getting settled here in the Bay Area (Daly City) for the church plant we are a part of – (Canvas) – which should be launching publicly in late September. With all of this time away from my projects, I’ve had a chance to think about what direction I want my marketing efforts to go. And the one word that keeps coming to mind is…


After months away from the old version of my website, when I did jump on to see what could be fixed, I was pained to see how cluttered and messy my website looked. The colors were all wrong, the graphics and text were a clustermess, and some of the links didn’t even work. Aside from the website, my business cards have needed a facelift, as has this blog, and even my Facebook pages. I’ve even become unhappy with the face I’ve given to The Crossover Alliance, a social community I created for writers/readers of edgy Christian speculative fiction.

With the realization that all these facets of my author platform need to be simplified (and overhauled), I did something about it.

I am proud to introduce to all of you my brand spanking new website. This site has been rebuilt from the ground up. While I’ve somewhat enjoyed using WebEasy Professional for the past 8+ years to build my site, the time consuming glitches and issues within the program have forced me to find a different avenue through which to build my website with. So I turned over to and came up with a fresh, new design that is easy on the eyes and simple to update…

On top of that, I created some new business cards which I am in the process of ordering…

I also updated my author Facebook page with a new graphic. More changes to all my FB pages will be coming down the line in time…

And, you have probably already realized that I also update my blog’s theme. Simplicity is the common theme running through these designs. Solid brown color schemes to go with the soft blue of my tree and star logo. I’ve also changed the font that my name is written in to be a little less ‘fancy’ and a little more professional and writerly.

And last but not least, I created a brand spanking new logo for The Crossover Alliance. Something that resembles the edginess of our fiction but at the same time represents our professionalism in the writing community…

I’d love to hear what you think of the new changes!

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