San Francisco

As many of you know by now, my wife, son, and I made it safe and sound to the Bay Area. We moved here to help start a church plant – Canvas – in the middle of San Francisco. While the actual road God put us on to get out here will be detailed in a non-fiction project I am currently working on, I thought I’d start the engine on this blog once again with a sneak peak into our recent wanderings.

To begin with, we found an apartment in Daly City, which is on the border of the city of San Francisco. Daly City is a bit more family-friendly and suburban than some parts of downtown San Francisco. The weather here is almost always cool – a far cry from Arizona’s brutal heat.This city is a great one to move to to get acquainted with the Bay Area.

I live literally a half mile from this stunning view – 

This is my new workspace – my desk and bookshelves in part of the living room –

I’ve had the chance to explore much of SF, including Chinatown…

…Japantown during the Cherry Blossom Festival…

…downtown SF…

…Ghirardelli Square…

…the piers…

…Ocean Beach…

…San Francisco’s eclectic food trucks…

…and I even stumbled across a unique bookstore – 

And of course, I can’t include pics of SF and not include the Golden Gate Bridge –

I absolutely love it here!

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