The Friday Muse

The Friday Muse

So, yeah! This is my first post from the new website/blog. I merged both together and switched to WordPress because there are so many more options for customization, and I was tiring of Blogger and their lack of new stuff.

Since this new post lands on a Friday, I’m going to do a Friday Muse piece. The Friday Muse is a segment I do every Friday where I post random writing or a behind-the-scenes look at some of my writing projects. Today’s piece is a setting description I had to write out for the October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge – a set of daily writing activities to prepare for National Novel Writing Month.

Setting Description:
Most times, one does not even think twice about the dark beings that loiter just outside the walls surrounding the Kingdom of Lyte. A multitude of human-like creatures tainted by Corruption – the Disparaged – claw at the stone walls, their talons producing a symphony that their mute voices cannot. They are seemingly helpless entities void of intelligence or the spark that reveals one as being filled with life. They are covered in black shadow, and they smell of rot and decay. They are regarded as worthless, a nuisance to be ignored like the buzzing of a corpse fly.

But the enemy ignored is the enemy underestimated.

While the dead clamor at the walls, within the kingdom sunshine pours forth across the land of Lyte like warm honey drizzled across winter-chilled skin. The scent of wildflowers and pomegranates sweeps through the air like a mist of rain moistening the driest of souls. Children squeal with joy when they find Lady Harper’s runt of a pig tearing through the watermelon patch, and the unmistakable laughter bellowing out of Sir Reston echoes through the land like the chimes of iron bell, reminding the citizens of Lyte why they have fought so hard to rebuild and defend their kingdom.

Maybe the sweet innocence within the kingdom walls is too powerful for the Disparaged to overtake. Maybe the innocence sickens them, and so they make no effort in breaching the kingdom. Maybe that’s why they wait at the walls, denied entry into this warm sanctuary found amidst a very cold and very dark land. Maybe that is why the Disparaged have begun to breach the underground, where the soil is damp and cold, where the stone is decayed and crumbling, where the Kingdom of Lyte – enamored by the warmth of their honey-drenched sunlight – has forgotten to shield its exposed flesh.

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