I ran across this music video a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it for a slew of different reasons. For one, I love the song. Second, it talks about cancer and how we are all beautiful no matter what season we are in. And third, it showcases perfectly how perspective can be used to trick a viewer (or reader in the case of a story) to look at something from one angle when in fact that angle is the wrong way of viewing it.

When I first watched this video, I felt slightly disturbed at the lengths the son went to convince his mother’s coworkers to shave their heads in support of her struggle with cancer. And then I read some of the comments below the video on YouTube and realized that the whole video is being told from the mother’s perspective.

It would be easy to assume the mother is just really paranoid, but I think the skewed perspective of her son also stems from her own doubt (and lack of self-esteem) that her coworkers would ever agree to support her in this fashion unless they were coerced.

The end of the video proves otherwise, as her entire office has banded together to support her, thanks to her son and the love he has for her. Her son was instilling a major dose of self-esteem into her, which she desperately needed.

Love it!

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