The Friday Muse – An Intro to My NaNoWriMo Characters

Participant-2014-Web-BannerLast week I shared a raw snippet from my NaNoWriMo novel, Salt. This week, I want to give a brief rundown of some of the characters from the novel. These are all works-in-progress, so they’ll probably end up changing some at some point down the line.

Salt –
One of the main characters, Salt is a disfigured man who awakens in a crashed vessel on the planet Valeriu. He is taken captive by the Kingdom of Lyte because his fingerprints have been melted off, and he has absolutely no memory of how he became disfigured, who he is, or where he actually comes from. Salt has only one eye (after the disfigurement), half of his face is severely burned, and he has severe asthma which forces him to wear a special scarf over the bottom-half of his face to shield his lungs from the elements. He rarely talks because of his condition.

Princess Ill (ill) –
Next in line for the throne of the Kingdom of Lyte. Princess Ill is young, but well-seasoned in the art of diplomacy. Although she seeks peace, she is severely disheartened by the state that her mother, Queen Elsor, has left the kingdom. The citizens have lost faith in the God of Lyte, defiled the temple, and have become increasingly complacent toward the Disparaged – corrupted humans who wander the wilderness beyond the kingdom walls. Princess Ill is ready to turn the kingdom around once she is crowned queen, which will occur near the beginning of the novel.

Queen Elsor –
Current queen of the Kingdom of Lyte. Queen Elsor has become increasingly complacent over the years, and has allowed her desire to be accepted by the people to override her responsibility to enforce the laws of the kingdom. Her husband, the Old King, was killed during the Great Corruption, although the means of his death are disputed among many citizens and even Princess Ill. At the beginning of the novel, Queen Elsor chooses to crown Princess Ill as Queen of the Kingdom of Lyte because she is tired of appeasing the people and is ready to retire.

The Gloom –
A strange, alien presence that inhabits the Shadowlands beyond the kingdom walls. The Gloom fills most of its living grounds with darkness, and creates a Blood Moon when its presence is in full force moving through the land. Nobody knows the origins of the Gloom, but many believe it is directly responsible for the Great Corruption which created the Disparaged.

Coral –
A mysterious girl found in the dungeon with Salt, Coral is quickly accused of being a spy from another kingdom to the south, but vehemently denies it. Coral is sly, manipulative, and her motives are in question from the beginning of the novel.

Ryn, Tamlyn, Victor – (Placeholder names)
These three siblings are citizens of the Kingdom of Lyte, yet none of them adhere to the laws or regulations of faith that they are expected to abide by. Ryn is a priest in the Temple of Lyte, Tamlyn is a rebellious young girl who practices dark magic out of sight of the rest of the kingdom, and Victor is a sadistic man who enjoys torturing others. Just like any other dysfunctional family.

Okay, that’s all I’m willing to share at the moment. Can’t wait to be done with NaNoWriMo so I can start really picking this thing apart and begin a massive edit storm!

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