Call for Submissions! The Crossover Alliance Anthology – Volume 2

Vol2SubmissionPlateWith indie publishing losing the stigma it once had, I think this is a wonderful time for readers and writers to find that special niche of storytelling that they’ve been itching for but that has been neglected by many of the traditional publishing markets. This is why The Crossover Alliance was created – to bring together readers and writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction so we can all support and draw from one another. It’s not everyday you come across horror books with Christian themes, or Christian fiction with real-world, mature content. But there is a desire (and a need) for it.

TCA Anthology Kindle CoverThe Crossover Alliance has definitely grown over the past few years. This last September we published our very first multi-author short story anthology. This book brought together some great stories spanning science fiction, fantasy and horror, and it further illustrated the validity of this type of fiction.

And with that, I’m happy to announce that our doors will be opening once again for submissions, this time for our second anthology! Head to the official submissions page for all of the details. And if you’re interested in checking out what edgy Christian speculative fiction is all about, you can grab a copy of our first anthology here.

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