For This Season, I Am Thankful

5204161765_df561a1866_bHard to believe it’s Thanksgiving already. To be honest, the holiday kind of snuck up on me – much like tax season has a habit of doing. But with Thanksgiving here, I want to stop and ponder the things I’m thankful for. Not that I don’t do that during the rest of the year. It’s just nice to have a specific day set aside for it.

Without going into boring details, it’s been a tough year and a half for me and my family. Living in the Bay Area has presented all sorts of annoyances and challenges. We originally moved out here to take part in a church plant, but that fell through (for us), and ever since then it’s been tough finding the purpose of our being out here. With the ridiculous amount of people out there, the outrageous cost of living, and the traffic – excuse me while I curse a bit to relieve my frustrations.

Annoyances aside, I’ve never been more grateful for a particular season in my life. Although it’s been a hard one, I know that I’ve grown leaps and bounds being out here. It’s benefited me and my wife being apart from our extended family for a while. I’ve learned how to stand my ground as a father, husband, and Christ-follower. My wife and I have learned to make decisions for our family without the ‘voices’ of friends or family tainting the waters. Overall, we’ve learned to stand together as our own little family unit, making decisions that we feel are right for our family without the constant criticism that we received in good measure before we moved out here.

I’m grateful for hard times. I’m grateful for the annoyances, the irritations, and the constant frustrations. They are doing their work to build endurance, patience, and humility in me. And although this season has been a tough one, it is just that – a season. And sooner or later, all seasons must come to an end to open the doors to a new season.

Cheers to all of you this Thanksgiving. May life always challenge you with a struggle.

Photo courtesy of floodllama via Flickr Creative Commons

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