The Crossover Alliance Publishing Company


“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” ~ Toni Morrison

In 2007, I did just that during National Novel Writing Month. Mixing Christian themes and real-world content, I crafted a short story that would later become the first novel in my Black Earth series. Knowing Christian publishers wouldn’t accept my work because of the ‘edgy’ content, and secular publishers wouldn’t accept my work because of the Christ-centered themes, I went the route of self-publishing.

I knew that in order to separate my work from the mounds of science fiction/fantasy/horror that I would have to create a unique genre title, and so edgy Christian speculative fiction was born. Between then and now, I came across other authors who were writing in the same ‘black sheep’ genre, and so I create The Crossover Alliance to give us all of us a place to connect and support one another.

Last year, we joined forces and published The Crossover Alliance Anthology – Volume 1, a collection of unique science fiction, fantasy, historical and horror stories falling within this unique genre. It was after that point it became clear there is a true audience for this type of fiction – and a decent gathering of authors who write in it.

Well, I’m happy to say that the next logical step has come. I’m proud to announce that in the coming months, I’ll be taking steps to build The Crossover Alliance into an actual publishing company. We’ll be taking advantage of the Print-On-Demand and digital publishing model while helping authors get their unique works into print and digital formats.

Everything that this entails will be announced in upcoming blog posts, but I can tell you that the first major step will be to launch a Kickstarter campaign next month to raise funds for our first year’s catalog of books.

Will you join me on this adventure? Do you know of anyone who has wanted to – or already has – written Christian fiction with real-world content? Let’s jump into the publishing waters together and watch this specialized genre of fiction explode!

8 thoughts on “The Crossover Alliance Publishing Company

    1. Roger, I do believe political thrillers have the potential to fall within the speculative fiction category. It all depends on the elements that are found within the story. Are you referring to present-day political thrillers, or futuristic? Do these political thrillers have any type of supernatural elements found throughout them?


  1. This sounds awesome. It definitely fills a publishing gap, but my works are general/literary fiction that takes a hard look at real life and real sins from the perspective of Christian philosophy.

    I hope for only the best with your publishing company because there is a real need for novels that come from a Christian worldview that takes risks, shows the reality of humanity, and isn’t saccharine.


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