The Friday Muse – Esheen, the Nomad

The Friday Muse (Cropped)Last week I introduced everyone to Ra’f, the Great Oak – a centerpiece to my current novel, Salt & Lyte. This week I introduce you to Esheen, the Nomad – a prominent character from the same novel.

Esheen was originally part of a group of settlers whose home world, Rodor, was decimated when a nearby star collapsed, destroying their planet and nearly everyone on it. A small group of survivors were able to flee the planet and flee to Valeriu (the planet Salt & Lyte takes place on). Once on Valeriu, this group of survivors – comprised of foragers, foresters, and nomads – built a village they could call home.

happy-womens-day-greeting-card-or-poster-design-with-silhouette-of-young-gi_MJTGBU6OAt seven years old, Esheen was the youngest in her village. She was also an orphan as her entire family was killed on Rodor. As young as she was, the village’s elder seer, the Woman Charlotte, anointed Esheen to be a prophet to the universe, and she was taught a variety of things – science, math, literature, religion, etc – from a collection of books found in a crashed vessel in the Shadowlands. Using this knowledge, Esheen perfected her small community by establishing an education system, a council, and various means of defense.

During one of the Dark Moon cycles, riders from the neighboring Kingdom of Blood swept through Esheen’s village and slaughtered nearly everyone. Many were struck through with the sword, hung on trees and burned alive, or beheaded. Esheen managed to flee and take refuge within the Crimson Forest, where a variety of wild creatures protected her from her pursuers.

Inside the Crimson Forest, Esheen found a column of light pouring down on a small acorn surrounded by a circle of mighty oaks. A voice from the light told her to take the acorn far from the Crimson Forest and to plant it in the Shadowlands. She did just that, tending to the small seed while she avoided both the Void and the riders of the Kingdom of Blood.

Esheen now resides within the Crimson Forest, protecting the Great Oak – and in turn the Kingdom of Lyte – with her animal companions.

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