The Friday Muse – Koror

The Friday Muse (Cropped)My novel, Salt & Lyte, is really starting to take shape now. Each night I pour a little bit more into it and my hope is to hand it off to my editor in April – which isn’t all that far away. One of the main characters I’ve been working on lately is Koror. He is one of the main antagonists, and is a completely new villain to my story universe.

Many rumors surround the origins of Koror. Some say he was born to five women who all gave birth to a different part of Koror’s person, assembling him as a whole during a group conception. Others say he fell from the skies, a vision of unholy light. Whatever the case, nearly every species on the planet of Valeriu knows of Koror and the horror surrounding his reign.

As ruler of the Kingdom of Blood, Koror has made it his legacy to annihilate and consume every other kingdom, village and civilization residing on Valeriu. Many of the old kingdoms that existed since anyone can remember have been overthrown by Koror and his people, and these kingdoms have been assimilated into the Kingdom of Blood.

One of the only kingdoms to actively resist Koror’s destructive reign is the Kingdom of Lyte. King Moro spent years building up the defenses of Lyte, making it nearly impossible for the Kingdom of Blood – or any of the other kingdoms – to successful attack and overtake the land.

grunge-vector-t-shirt-design-with-angry-king-skull_GyRsv-_dKoror is obsessed with finding the legendary Black Cathedral, which he claims was revealed to him in a dream where a powerful sorceress bid him to find the Cathedral and her. In his search for the Cathedral, Koror has created an idol out of the structure from his visions, ordering his craftsmen to make pristine statues out of almost every material they can get their hands on. These idols can be found scattered all around the Kingdom of Blood. There is even a massive statue of the Cathedral in the town square where Koror’s slaves are required to bow and worship at sunrise and sunset.

Koror’s kingdom is a menagerie of filth, blood lust, and arcane rituals. Anything is permitted so long as it is dedicated to the worship of the Black Cathedral. Koror is so obsessed with the Cathedral that he brutally mutilates and crucifies any who do not share his vision.

Aside from Legion, I believe Koror is probably the most heinous of any villain I’ve ever created.

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