The Friday Muse – Tiffany Sweet

The Friday Muse (Cropped)

I’m still working hard on projects that aren’t directly related to my current novel-in-progress, Salt & Lyte, so I don’t really have much to share in regards to my progress with that. On the other side of the coin, I do have a ton of short snippets of fiction that I wrote on my old blog for what used to be called Flash Fiction Fridays. (I changed FFF to The Friday Muse because there were pieces I wrote that couldn’t really be considered flash fiction).

Today’s Muse is a piece I titled Tiffany Sweet, and it’s a sneak peek at some of the background of one of the characters my Expired Reality series. I actually wrote out the background to this particular character during National Novel Writing Month 2009, and hope to publish that novella at some point in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Tiffany Sweet
Jensen Alcon stepped three feet to his left and stood in front of the next research pod. This one was particularly larger than the last three he had done a routine checkup on – it was bigger, more advanced in its technical workings, and was being used to isolate a human rather than a creature like the others. The stainless steel surface of the cylinder-shaped chamber glistened under the fluorescent lighting of the lab, adding a hint of refinement to the somewhat macabre task at hand.

Jensen held his clipboard out in front of him and cleared his throat. He didn’t like participating in experiments on humans, but – as his colleague, Roc, had put it, Wedges weren’t normal humans. They were super powered beings, putting them in a classification of their own.

scientist-lab-researcher-chemist-cartoon_mJHv6BJensen only half believed that lie. He half believed it so he could move forward and do the work he was getting paid to do. Squelching his conscience was just part of the job.

“Subject 7A4T,” he said, hoping Roc – who was monitoring him from the security panel in the other room – wasn’t paying attention to how nervous this made Jensen feel.

“Just get it over with, man,” Roc’s voice boomed over the lab’s speakers.

“Leave me alone,” Jensen said.

“I want to go to lunch. They have that buffet place that just opened down the road. Hurry up so we can get there before the crowds show up.”

Jensen sighed and read aloud the fact sheet on his clipboard. “Subject 7A4T. Name: Tiffany Sweet. Age: 16. Family is deceased. Mother was a baker, and her father owned a bookstore. Tiffany’s powers are…erratic.” Jensen glanced up at the camera in the ceiling that he knew Roc was watching him through. “Erratic? That’s all it says here. Is that why her powers were put into dormancy?”

“Just read the sheet, man. Nobody really cares what it says. Just read it for the record, open the chamber, and check on the experiment before naming it.”

“She’s not an experiment, Roc. She’s a human being.”

“Man, we’ve been through this.”

“You have your way of dealing with things, and I have mine. I don’t want to think of her as a test tube or a beaker. She’s a young female. A human. Endowed, maybe, with powers beyond our comprehension. But still human.”

“Just finish your damn job so we can eat, man! I’m starving!”

Jensen input his sixteen-digit alphanumeric code into the security panel on the front of the chamber and stepped back as the chamber hissed. White mist swirled up from the bottom of the unit as the front shield lifted up to reveal the female within.

Her appearance shocked Jensen for more than just a mere moment. She was nude, and her arms abstract-medical-background_fkfVhKwuand legs were strapped into the chamber by a silver-colored flexible alloy known as Silvertech. Nobody had ever escaped Silvertech, nor had anyone ever destroyed Silvertech. Jensen briefly remembered reading a newspaper article about the Eneran military wanting to use Silvertech to build their tanks.

He shuddered at the thought of indestructible tanks.

The girl’s breasts were covered by her long, pink hair that had grown down to her hips. The most striking trait about her though was her bright turquoise-colored eyes. In the chamber, their ‘experiments’ were put into cryo sleep – which happened immediately upon activation – and caught some of their subjects with their eyes open.

“Are you getting off on the experiment, man? Hurry up!”

“She’s…stunning. Not her flesh. Her hair. Her eyes. One could get lost in those eyes…” Jensen mused.

“We need to get you a girlfriend. I heard there’s a lot of women that eat at that new buffet down the road.”

“I’m not looking at her like that, Roc. There’s something special about her. I can’t place my finger on it.”

“Just name her, and let’s go. My stomach is crying out somethin’ fierce!”

“Alright. I’ll name her…Turquoise. Turquoise Wedge.”

“Great. You named your new girlfriend. Now, can we eat, please?”

2 thoughts on “The Friday Muse – Tiffany Sweet

  1. __Evening, Mister Alderman. You can’t hear me but, I’ve grown fond of imitating Agent Smith from “The Matrix” whenever I say or type your name. One day I’ll perform it for you.

    __Yes, yes, I have been following your humble posts on this new publishing company of yours–eager to see that Kickstarter video. It’s seems we’re both turning into quite the entrepreneurs these days. One thing I’m learning is that when you begin to call yourself a leader of sorts, people expect you to be an authority on your subject of interest. If I can be honest, sometimes I don’t know if you’re truly aware of some of the edginess that already exists in some Christian fiction: “Havah: The Story of Eve”; “By Reason of Insanity”; “The Cure”. What’s an example of a story, secular or christian, that you’d like to see more of?

    __I enjoy how adequate your narrative voice is. You know how to write character movement, weave in setting descriptions, and decorate all this into the emotion of the scene in just the right amount (paragraphs 1, 15-17). I’ve been reading “Endangered Memories” and notice this talent as well. I must say, your way with movement, setting, and emotion is the best part of your writing style!

    __I feel like there should be a part two (and maybe there is). I mean, for a background story, this doesn’t feel like it’s about Turquoise. Sure, we get her original name, age, parent’s occupation, and learn her name gets changed but, that’s not hard to ‘see’ (get it?). And isn’t that the point of fleshing out a character’s history: What is hard to see? What was Turquoise doing a year ago? Does Turquoise secretly understand what’s happening to her, even in comatose? What kind of music does she like? Does she have claustrophobia or any other fear? Is that pink hair real or dyed? As a wedge, does she think herself superior to these two humans or helpless? Hear me right, I’m not saying there wasn’t a point. It just seemed more this: “She’s not an experiment, Roc. She’s a human being.” And didn’t FFF#30 have a similar theme?

    __To become a better writer, I appreciate you saying that. That is always my intention in sharing my thoughts. I’m always looking for serious writers to share them with and you are a serious writer. Of course you have weaknesses, but then you have editors also and, maybe a reference book or two to look at when you want to examine your current skill level. I’d be interested in the names of a few on your shelf, if your want to share. Take care.

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