The Friday Muse – Runaway


Relief. It was the first thing to wash over her when she finally stopped running and fell to the ground in the large field behind the church. The world around her nearly spun out of view, but she managed to catch her breath just in time to steady her frantic heartbeat.

The sun was barely skating across the horizon, teasing its way into dusk. The smell of grass and the impending summer night – with its fragrant wildflowers and lemon trees – filled the air around her.

Confident she was safe and alone, she closed her eyes and hid away in the sanctuary of her mind. She could no longer hear the chaos echoing out from the churchyard. Only her heart spoke to her here – and it said that she had done right.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash / Rachael Crowe

3 thoughts on “The Friday Muse – Runaway

  1. Lovely, David. Only things missing were taste and touch. 😉

    And I only say that because I recently saw a great video by Dean Wesley Smith where he explains how he and another writer who was in the same writing class as him started adding all 5 senses to their writing every 2 pages (about every 500 words).
    Until they started doing that, the two kept getting rejection letters.
    After that…people started buying their stories.
    If you’re interested, here’s a link.

    Sorry, I can’t remember which video it was in, but I think it was somewhere in week 2.

    Again, loved it.

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