About Me

As any person can tell you, life can throw quite a bit at us. And as any writer will tell you, it can all make for some great story material.

My life is no exception. The last number of years have been rough. I moved back to Arizona from San Francisco. My grandfather died. My wife divorced me.

It’s taken me the last year to come back from the brink of darkness. But by God’s grace, I have.

And here I am. Getting back to the blog. Back to the writing. Because the words have to be written, right? If writers don’t write, the words don’t get written, and the stories don’t get told.

And I definitely have stories to tell…




6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi David,

    We are co-members on edgychristianfiction.com. I appreciated your “Bad Rap” post and left a comment, but the first paragraph got obscured (Diogenes is looking into fixing it). So, FYI, here is that paragraph:
    You got into my head with this commentary because the same caliber of thoughts and gripes swirl around in my gray matter. One of the lines that tugged at me was your exhortation to “those of us who want to take a step outside the boundaries that the Christian market has set up.” If so, then we “should do so now.” That’s me. My novel about God’s vision for sexual passion in a Christian couple’s marriage is Exhibit A.

    Let’s connect one of these days — we share much in common, I believe.

    J.Z. Howard

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      1. YES! Let’s connect soon, David. Shoot me an email, OK? It’s much easier connecting that way. Even better? Call me at 952-451-7862. We have lots to talk about. J.Z.


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