The Friday Muse – Darkness Pierced (Part 2)

Darkness Pierced (Part 1) Melissa Robinson nearly died of hypothermia that last day of winter. After falling through the icy surface of Turnkey’s Pond, the cold shock of the water beneath almost immediately paralyzed her, preventing her from making it from the center of the lake back to land. Everyone from the winter celebration had … More The Friday Muse – Darkness Pierced (Part 2)

New Year, New Goals

Well, it’s here. We’re finally out of 2016 and are basking in the newness of 2017. 2016 wasn’t so much as bad for me as it was challenging. Between running the publishing company and trying to get my own writing done in the midst, I didn’t come close to completing any of my authorly projects. … More New Year, New Goals

The Friday Muse – The Stars Are Brightly Shining

Nathan Pierce adjusted his red and black striped tie and walked through the double doors of the church, his mind screaming at him to turn around and walk back out. This was only going to be a night of stress. Winter was his favorite season, but Christmas Eve—with his family anyway—was the very least of … More The Friday Muse – The Stars Are Brightly Shining