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TCA Anthology V1 Kindle CoverThe Crossover Alliance Anthology – Volume 1
By traversing beyond the boundaries of Christian and secular fiction, this phenomenal collection of edgy Christian speculative pieces will transport you to the furthest reaches of space, the chilling snow-drenched plains of fantasy, and the deepest, darkest corridors of the human heart. While journeying through these fantastical worlds, let this prolific gathering of authors shine a glimmer of light your way and reveal Christ in a very dark, very real world.

The Crossover Alliance   Amazon.com   Kindle   Nook



TCA Anthology V2 Kindle Cover (Cropped)The Crossover Alliance Anthology – Volume 2
Where Light Shines Brighter In The Darkness… Human trafficking. Vampires. Abortion. These aren’t typical themes you would find in a Christian story. But this isn’t a typical collection of Christian stories. In the Crossover Alliance’s second volume of short stories showcasing edgy Christian speculative fiction, you’ll journey through worlds of fantasy, fight against slavery, face your darkest demons, and confront an overwhelming darkness that only the King’s light can overcome. Just don’t turn away from these tales, because in these stories, light shines brighter in the darkness.

The Crossover Alliance   Amazon.com   Kindle   Nook

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