Intentional Weakness

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us.” Richie Norton It started with the divorce. And it seems to have continued with unintentional acts of procrastination, haggardness, and dismal outlook. Continuing my revelations about how divorce has affected me and what the future (God’s plan) holds for me, … More Intentional Weakness

Passion’s Thief

Have you lost your passion? Have you let depression and complacency rule your spirit? Have you let the enemy take all that is dear to you without a proper fight? Then it’s time that you too rise from the ashes. It’s time that you too remember why you started down this road. No journey ever began in a vacuum. It began with passion toward something. Toward a vision. Toward a future. … More Passion’s Thief

Dreams Don’t Die

That dream you think disintegrated? No. It’s there. Maybe it rolled under the couch. Maybe it fell out of your pocket when you were pulling your keys out to get into your car. Maybe you left it in your shirt pocket when you went to the laundromat. Fact is – it’s still intact. It’s just … More Dreams Don’t Die