Leaving The Mountaintop

“The praise and glorification of God doesn’t exclusively spring from deep and untroubled understanding; it is in spite of – and even because of – deep and troubled circumstance.” Joyce Rachelle I tend to cling to the mountaintops of life. I love the view, the fresh air, the feeling of being so high up above … More Leaving The Mountaintop

Creating Our Fears

“Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves…” Cheryl Strayed We all have a story to tell. Some of us, many stories. We sit around the dining room table and tell our family about our day. We gather round the campfire with friends and tell ghost stories. We sit at … More Creating Our Fears

You Can’t Live Without Them, And Other Lies

Relationships can be great. They can be healing, they can be fulfilling. They can be conduits for love and affection. They can be mechanisms for collaboration and teamwork. On the flip side, relationships can be the Trojan horse carrying toxin into your life. They can destroy you, slowly, while portraying the illusion they are the … More You Can’t Live Without Them, And Other Lies

Wake Up

Dawn is here. Don’t hit that snooze button. Roll over and get out of bed. There is too much to do today. Too much that only you can do. Be a parent. Open the business. Start the tractor. Put pencil to paper. Stop slumbering. It’s cold, it’s dark, but you are greater than those things. … More Wake Up

The Little Things

The little things matter. I have to tell myself this every single day. Maybe every second of every day, actually. We get caught up in the business of life. We neglect the cool weather. We neglect the hummingbirds on the patio. We neglect our favorite song on the radio. We neglect when Krispy Creme has … More The Little Things